Egészséges Tapolca, Egészséges Gazdaság

Projekt azonosítószáma: HU11-0012-A1-2013

It’s not only on market days that the Market Hall is alive

On Thursday afternoon 28th March, the ’Civilian Market Whirl’ proved that the market hall – renovated in the framework of the project ’HU11-0012- A1-2013 Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ is a place where other events can be organized as well.

The organizers announced the First Tapolca Marmalade Award, where twenty-three marmalades ‘competed’ for the title of the ‘Best marmalade of Tapolca and its surroundings’.

The visitors could taste several kinds of marmalades, such as blackthorn, lavender-cherry, rosehip, tamarisk-apple and many others. The jury decided for the Ukk Bébic Social cooperative’s raspberry marmalade to be the best. The public award went to the strawberry marmalade of Márta Kreizinger from Káptalantót. Imre Labovszky baked the doughnuts for the tasting.

There were craft activities for both children and adults in the Creative Corner.

The ‘Batsányi Folk Dance ensemble’ and the ‘Kinizsi Dance Ensemble and Cultural society’ provided the extra culture program.

The event was organized around the ‘Eat well! Do good! Stonesoup’ community cooking and food serving. Earlier the civilians and the producers brought some vegetable and the ’Hegymagasi marhaságok’ offered the meat. The Tapolca ’Diák- és Közétkeztető Kft’ cooked and delivered a hundred portion of goulash soup for voluntary donations in return. The ‘My world – Society for autists in Tapolca and its surroundings’ helped with serving the food, which was all gone by the end of the day. The organizers donated the collected money and the surplus marmalade to them.