Egészséges Tapolca, Egészséges Gazdaság

Projekt azonosítószáma: HU11-0012-A1-2013

Students competing for the local economy in Tapolca

A competition launched in January 2017, where students of the Batsányi high school had the chance to prove themselves in real life: they are able to develop quality, valuable and saleable food products and are capable to find a market and consumers for the products.

The main question is how local products can participate in a more intensive way in the local economic circle, how to stimulate their production, trade and consumption. The students compete with the help of chosen mentors. They become familiar with the local economy, producers and market sellers. Besides the recognition, the members of the first three most successful teams of the’ Entrepreneurship training program’ will receive valuable prices.

One of the main aims of the ’Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ project is to  support local values with educational programs, to inform present-day and future market retailers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, small farmers and primary producers, to strengthen the local economy and to create a bond between the local producers and the consumers. Students of the Batsányi János high school learnt about conditions of the competition related to the project. First Mrs Varga, the principal of the high school and later József Lévai greeted the students and the guests. The deputy mayor wished the students good luck. Moreover, he offered 100 000 HUF and other valuable prices to the members of the three winner teams in the name of the town and Zoltán Dobó mayor. Edit Konok, employee of Grants Europe Consulting Ltd. – the organization coordinating the project – spoke about the competition and its conditions. In her presentation supported by screening she tried to explain the program in detail.

Practical advice, real life experience and quality products of a primary producer couple – both with an agricultural university degree – from Keszthely, who have their own small agricultural holding called ’ Levendula porta’ proved the point of the competition to the students. They helped the students to see that they held the key to success in their hands and it was worth taking the opportunity. The couple from Keszthely suggested that the future local producers could succeed just like others in the past using their expertise, by hard work, by being enthusiastic, by experimenting and by learning. /László Töreky/