Egészséges Tapolca, Egészséges Gazdaság

Projekt azonosítószáma: HU11-0012-A1-2013

The Tapolca Expo launched

2017. April 10.

In the past, the Tapolca Expo was a good opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce themselves for a decade. The Tapolca Kft revoked this tradition. The weekend was affected by the spirit of the event.

The interested are welcome in the Csermák József Hall between 31st March and 2nd April. The opening ceremony took place on the first day of the Tapolca Expo, on Friday. Zoltán Dobó mayor greeted the exhibitioners, the interested and later Judit Orbán, patron of the event and chief agriculturist of the county did the same.

As said before, the exhibition and the fair were preceded by a complex organization and cooperation. This cooperation was also to be seen at the opening of the market hall  –  renovated in the framework of the ’Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ project via the government, supported by the Norway grants – on Friday. Zoltán Dobó expressed his gratitude towards the Norwegian partner, Lillehammer and its university by giving a memorial certificate at the opening of the expo. Besides, the municipality signed a cooperation agreement with the Veszprém County Chamber of Commerce. 

After Zoltán Dobó and dr. György Markovszky, head of the chamber signed the agreement, they granted awards. The ‘Hegymagasi Marhaságok’ market booth received the professional award of the National Chamber of Agriculture, and the Csorbánc Wine Manufactory received the municipality’s professional award, while Judit Varjas glass jewellry maker won the Tapolca Kft. award.

The opening of the refurbished Market Hall

2017. April 03.

The market hall – renovated in the past six months – was opened on Friday, 31st March. Tapolca hopes that thanks to the investments the local economy will recover, the distribution of local food will increase and the market place will become more popular.


The renovation of the hall started in October 2016. By that time the old hall was quite in a bad technical and aesthetic shape, therefore a refurbishment was needed to keep up with the changing times. Financially the works were supported by the tender’ Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ that was submitted in 2013 and that was awarded in Summer 2016. However, the town had to invest extra money into the renovation several times. It turned out that the building was in a worse condition than previously reported. During the renovation the building received new roof construction, paving, new and modern doors and windows, good looking external wall coating. Several structurally complete business premises and sophisticated wet rooms were also created during the renovation.

Lajos Rig, parliamentary representative of the region, Tapolca’s mayor Zoltán Dobó and Gergő Korponai, head of the Department of International Cooperation Programs at the government , Judit Orbán, chief agriculturist of the county, Lajos Szenz, leader of the implementer SZ-L Bau kft., the Norwegian delegation of the Scandinavian partner town Lillehammer and representatives of other project partners were also present at the opening ceremony.

Zoltán Dobó, Lajos Rig and Nanna Egidius, city development and strategic director of Lillehammer also praised the importance of the investment. According to Zoltán Dobó, there are changing trends: the responsible consumers, traders, economic and political actors do not want to shorten the food chain, because environmental awareness and sustainability became important criteria as well. The municipality of Tapolca realized all this, searched for partners and accomplished a program that brings them closer to this aim. The mayor hopes that the local economy really will become stronger thanks to the renovated market, everybody will be there who has a sellable product and last but not least, besides the economic angle he hopes that it will become a real community place in Tapolca. Lajos Rig thanked all the participants who worked at the renovation of the market building. According to the parliamentary representative it was an old dream of Tapolca. He highlighted the importance of the main street and the condition of the market place regarding the atmosphere and image of a small town. It must be attractive for the tourists, for the citizens of the town, as well as for those returning to Tapolca.

Nanna Egidius, city development and strategic director of Lillehammer said that as opposed to Norway, Tapolca is a town of excellent location for both producing and trading local products. As an example he said, that in Norway it was winter now and about 10 cm snow fell just the day before. According to him the key to a healthy life is the consumption of healthy food, which can be best provided by local producers to the consumer. ’With the reconstruction of the market, Tapolca is on its way to support local producers, strengthen economic life and to realize environmental friendly goals’ said Nanna Egidius in her English speech.  It was Lajos Szenc, director of ’ SZ-L Bau’ who handed over the symbolic key of the market to Zoltán Dobó. Finally, together with their partners they cut the national colour inauguration ribbon at the main entrance of the market hall.

Later the participants planted a tree a couple of meters from the entrance, and they walked with László Róth market inspector in the renovated building and they learnt about the changes.

It’s not only on market days that the Market Hall is alive

2017. April 03.

On Thursday afternoon 28th March, the ’Civilian Market Whirl’ proved that the market hall – renovated in the framework of the project ’HU11-0012- A1-2013 Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ is a place where other events can be organized as well.

The organizers announced the First Tapolca Marmalade Award, where twenty-three marmalades ‘competed’ for the title of the ‘Best marmalade of Tapolca and its surroundings’.

The visitors could taste several kinds of marmalades, such as blackthorn, lavender-cherry, rosehip, tamarisk-apple and many others. The jury decided for the Ukk Bébic Social cooperative’s raspberry marmalade to be the best. The public award went to the strawberry marmalade of Márta Kreizinger from Káptalantót. Imre Labovszky baked the doughnuts for the tasting.

There were craft activities for both children and adults in the Creative Corner.

The ‘Batsányi Folk Dance ensemble’ and the ‘Kinizsi Dance Ensemble and Cultural society’ provided the extra culture program.

The event was organized around the ‘Eat well! Do good! Stonesoup’ community cooking and food serving. Earlier the civilians and the producers brought some vegetable and the ’Hegymagasi marhaságok’ offered the meat. The Tapolca ’Diák- és Közétkeztető Kft’ cooked and delivered a hundred portion of goulash soup for voluntary donations in return. The ‘My world – Society for autists in Tapolca and its surroundings’ helped with serving the food, which was all gone by the end of the day. The organizers donated the collected money and the surplus marmalade to them.

The market programs launched, the student competition is over

2017. April 03.

The events at the renewed – in the framework of the project ‘HU11-0012-A1-2013 Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ – Market and market hall started on Friday, 24th March.

The organizers’ aim was to attract several age groups to the Spring-welcoming community market day.

The ‘First Tapolca seed- and seedling exchange’ took place in the open. Those interested could exchange their surplus seeds and seedlings for free with others. The organizers are optimistic about the future of this program. Several new ideas arose at the first event. The leftover seeds were given to the school gardens of the kindergartens.

There was a ‘Health day for the retired’ at the event for the elderly. The visitors could participate at free counselling, screenings and a quiz; all supported by the Health development bureau (EFI – Egészségfejlesztési Iroda).

Health day for the retired with the help of EFI.

Civilians and producers donated for charity. The collected goods were used at the ‘Stonesoup charity cooking event’. The raised money will be donated to the ‘My world – Society for autists in Tapolca and its surroundings’ organization. By the end of the event, the basket was full of local vegetables.

Gift packages of some project partners – namely ‘Bakony és Bakony térségi TDM’ and Tapolca Kft – were given away among the participants of the quiz. Zoltán Dobó, mayor and Irene Thorsplass, representative of the Norwegian partner organization were also present.

The most spectacular part of the market day was the highlight of the high school training program: the eight teams of the Batsányi János High school organized their own creative handcraft fair.

During the past couple of months, the students worked with their own producer, mentor, who helped them on the way of creating their own products.

As a final step, they could sell these products on the market day, at their personal market booth. The students and their – mostly gastronomic – products were really popular.

Some were selling their own cheese selections or wine, while others prepared stuffed cheese. Other students made stuffed gingerbread, different taste and shaped chocolate bonbons or vegetable chips.

There were health-cocktails made of local fruit and vegetables and the tasty lavender smell of bath bombs attracted many visitors.

The assigned representatives of the project partners evaluated the previously submitted written materials of the students based on the pre-defined criteria. At the event, a broader jury appraised the visuals, the tastes and the short films made by the students, which could be watched by anybody on the screen.

Once the competition was over, the students and the jury went back to the classrooms, the points were summed and the final results were born.

Edit Konok, employee at the Grants Europe Consulting Ltd. spoke about the competition, the experiences, and she gave some advice to the students. Elin Elin Nes Hjelle, member of the Norwegian delegation said that she took part at several innovation camps and the students of Tapolca can be proud of themselves, because they stood their ground from the very beginning, and all this was achieved in their free time.

Zoltán Dobó mayor greeted the students and announced the winner teams. The members of the winner team called ‘Generation of the future’ are Orsolya Horváth, Ernő Péter Kocsor, Vivien Nimsz and Stella Rádi from the class 11A. Their product was a health cocktail and their mentor was the Ukk Bébic Social cooperative. The award of the winners was 100 000 HUF proposed by the mayor and a certificate, and last but not least the teams could take part at a trip. Dr. Zoltán Kovács, dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Pannon University gave individual certificates to the students as recognition of their participation. The organizers thanked Mrs Varga, principal of the high school, and based on this year’s success the organizers said that they were willing to continue the program in the future.

The winner team did not expect to be so successful. They were sceptic about implementing their concept, after their first product, the tomato paste failed. However, they did not give up and finally they came up with the winner idea. If the competition continues the would like to enter again and they would be happy if their mentor would help the further development  with tips and ideas. They said special thanks in their submitted work to Irén Komendánt, Zoltán Dániel and Dr. Andrea Parapatics.

Zoltán Dobó mayor said goodbye to the three members of the Norwegian delegation with a gift package made of local products. With the help of the Tapolca Diák-és Közétkeztető Kft.  the organizers surprised the participants with a lunch made from local products at the end of the program and the day.

Students competing for the local economy in Tapolca

2017. January 28.

A competition launched in January 2017, where students of the Batsányi high school had the chance to prove themselves in real life: they are able to develop quality, valuable and saleable food products and are capable to find a market and consumers for the products.

The main question is how local products can participate in a more intensive way in the local economic circle, how to stimulate their production, trade and consumption. The students compete with the help of chosen mentors. They become familiar with the local economy, producers and market sellers. Besides the recognition, the members of the first three most successful teams of the’ Entrepreneurship training program’ will receive valuable prices.

One of the main aims of the ’Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ project is to  support local values with educational programs, to inform present-day and future market retailers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, small farmers and primary producers, to strengthen the local economy and to create a bond between the local producers and the consumers. Students of the Batsányi János high school learnt about conditions of the competition related to the project. First Mrs Varga, the principal of the high school and later József Lévai greeted the students and the guests. The deputy mayor wished the students good luck. Moreover, he offered 100 000 HUF and other valuable prices to the members of the three winner teams in the name of the town and Zoltán Dobó mayor. Edit Konok, employee of Grants Europe Consulting Ltd. – the organization coordinating the project – spoke about the competition and its conditions. In her presentation supported by screening she tried to explain the program in detail.

Practical advice, real life experience and quality products of a primary producer couple – both with an agricultural university degree – from Keszthely, who have their own small agricultural holding called ’ Levendula porta’ proved the point of the competition to the students. They helped the students to see that they held the key to success in their hands and it was worth taking the opportunity. The couple from Keszthely suggested that the future local producers could succeed just like others in the past using their expertise, by hard work, by being enthusiastic, by experimenting and by learning. /László Töreky/