Egészséges Tapolca, Egészséges Gazdaság

Projekt azonosítószáma: HU11-0012-A1-2013

Our Norwegian partners visited Tapolca

2016. December 02.

It was the first time that representatives of the partner organization from Lillehammer of the project called ‘Healthy Tapolca, healthy economy’ visited Tapolca.  The project has been financed by the Norway grants.

The 5 members of the delegation arrived to Tapolca in the evening on 17th November and they spent a day here.

The mayor, Zoltán Dobó – accompanied by the representatives of the Hungarian partner organizations – greeted the guests in the Town Hall. He said that hopefully the next time they would meet would be at the Market, which has been renovated in the framework of the project. Later he gave a memorial certificate to Irene Thorsplass – professor at the Lillehammer University College and the project’s manager –, as well as to Henning Holmbakken, representative of the Lillehammer municipality.

While visiting the Market and the Market Hall, the visitors could observe the renovation, they got to know the local products and they got a taste of the community life. Besides, they learnt a lot from the interviews with the local producers.

In the afternoon, they participated in a class at the Batsányi János College and high school. During the informal discussion they spoke with the students about the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

After the workshop and the interviews they returned to the Town Hall, where Tamás Mezőssy – the manager of the ’ Diák- és Közétkeztető Kft.’– described the company’s profile. In the end he invited the participants to a lunch made of local products.

After a quick city tour, the guests visited the opening ceremony of the ’International, Simplified Hall Football Tournament’ in order to highlight the importance of sports and healthy lifestyle. The event was organized by Special Olympics Hungary.

The guests were happy to visit Tapolca, and they said that hopefully, the next time they would visit the town – most likely in February 2017 – they will learn more about Tapolca and its sights.